Riphat Senikentara & Associates is always seeking to meet young and talented candidates who are bright, dynamic and hardworking and have a commitment to a career in the law. If you have a strong academic record, good English command, sharp legal skills and the ability to work individual or as part of a team, and you are also seeking experiences as a lawyer, don’t hesitate to submit an application as well as curriculum vitae and sending it to us by email


A legal internship is ideal for undergraduates to gain real work experiences and to pursue the practice law. Our legal internships offer diverse experiences from litigation, dispute resolution to corporate law. As a legal intern, your work may include law research, assisting our partners and associates, and conducting general case management.

If you are interested in an internship with Riphat Senikentara & Associates, you are welcome to join our internship program and every selected applicant must under go an internship and eligibility test by our Recruitment Committe

For inquiry please send your application and curriculum vitae to our email