As a group of young lawyers, founder have been able to attract some of Indonesia’s best and brightest young lawyers.

Integrity, knowledge and reliability to conduct and maintain the firm’s quality of services have been engraved into the firm philosophy. Our team has been carefully selected and well trained at their areas of expertise and treat clients with respect and integrity.

Our team members are not only graduates from the best and reputable university, but also passed bar exams, earned the required certifications and licenses to practice law.

From their experience, they understand that providing quality legal services is not only about knowing the law but also understanding our client's commercial interests and objectives and knowing how to interpret and apply the provisions of relevant laws and regulations so as to achieve the client's objectives and protect their interests. We provide client focused advice, based on in-depth analysis and understanding on the commercial context in which legal issues arise.

Each team member is well suited to work individually and in a team with each member working together cohesively and benefiting from each other’s unique sets of talents and expertise.

As client satisfaction is our utmost priority, we make sure our clients receive maximally effective service.

Below is a brief professional background of our team members :


Mohammad Fattah Riphat, S.H., M.H.


Keysara Nur Annisa, S.H., M.H.
Hamdika Wiradi Putra S.H., M.H.
Ayu Farradilla, S.H.
Arthapati Wicaksana, S.H.
Lila Putri Azalia, S.H.
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